Adobe Premiere CC 2018 wont open on a MAC

Ran into this issue today –

First,  I tried :

Search for and open “Activity Monitor” then close all of the Adobe applications in Activity Monitor.

Search for and open “Finder” , click on Go tab and select > Go to Folder.


Location 1: In the box type ~/Library/Application Support.

Location 2: In the box type ~/Library/Preferences.

Location 3: Documents folder

Renamed the ‘Adobe‘ folders to ‘OldAdobe


Launch Premiere Pro, accept the License Agreement and see if it works.

Note: You will lose your customized workspaces and keyboard shortcuts.


This didn’t work for me 🙁 but doing the following did 🙂


Open finder > Go tab > Go to Folder

Type “~/Library” and click Go.

Go to /Library/Caches/Adobe/Premiere Pro/12.0

Delete the “Typesupport” folder


Then Premiere opened and stayed open and loaded.

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